Businesses are giving more than financial support to the community. They are offering their most valuable asset: their employees' time.

Benefits of corporate volunteering

  • Increased company pride and loyalty from staff.
  • Heightened and positive recognition by customers and consumers.
  • Improved staff morale, motivation, team spirit and initiative.
  • Enhanced workplace relationships and unique opportunities for staff to work with people from different areas and levels of their organisation.
  • Better employee attendence, recruitment and retention.
  • New skill development opportunities for staff.
  • New business opportunities.
  • Improved triple bottom line.
  • A more positive corporate image.
  • Transformative relationships between the company and the local community.

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  • A sense of personal satisfaction, fun and fulfilment.
  • New learning experiences outside normal job parameters.
  • Improved communication and teamwork.
  • Opportunities to meet new people and explore new situations and challenges.
  • Unique opportunities to interact with people from other areas of the company.
  • New and more positive perceptions of career, workplace, peers and management teams.
  • Pathways to community involvement for employees reaching retirement age or considering part-time employment.
  • The transfer of skills, knowledge and technical expertise into the community.
  • Changing behaviours and practices that create social, economic or environmental problems.
  • Providing access to teams of volunteers for major tasks and events.
  • Providing access to free or subsidised resources.
  • Increasing public awareness of community issues.
  • Creating new income streams for community projects.
  • Improving understanding and appreciation between the business and voluntary sectors.